Arranging a Funeral
Our services to you start when you contact us and extend often way beyond the day of the funeral. We are ready to help immediately, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and are here to guide you every step of the way. It is possible to meet you in your home or in one of our offices at your convenience.

On first contact we will ask for preliminary details, whereupon, if the deceased has died in hospital, at home or in a private nursing home, we will advise the conveyance of the deceased to our private rest rooms. We would then ask, at a time and place to suit the family, for the funeral director to call and arrange the funeral to a standard and procedure that meets the needs and requirements of those concerned.

What you need to know in times of bereavement

If death occurs at home...
When the death takes place at home, there is usually a kind friend, neighbour or relative who is able to attend to duties in the sick room.

Inform the doctor...
As soon as possible inform the doctor that death has occurred. He/she may write out the Medical Certificate of Death when they visit the house, or may request you attend the surgery for this purpose.

If death occurs in hospital...
When death happens in hospital, the procedure is very similar. Apply to the hospital for the Medical Certificate of Death and not your family doctor.

The Procurator Fiscal
In cases where the death has been reported to the Procurator, the procedure is somewhat different. The Procurator and his officers are working in your interest. No doctor will issue a Medical Certificate of Death. This will be sent by the Procurator to the Registrar's office in the district where the death occurred, after contact has been made with the Procurator's office.

How to Register a Death:

Who can Register
  • A close relative of the deceased
  • A relative in attendance during last illness
  • A relative living in the district where death occurred
  • A person present at death
  • The person causing the disposal

  • Documents Required
  • A medical certificate of death
  • A marriage certificate, if appropriate
  • A birth certificate & information regarding date of birth

  • Information Required to Register
  • The date and place of death
  • The full name of deceased (maiden name, if applicable)
  • The date and place of birth
  • The occupation and home address
  • If married, full name and occupation of surviving spouse

  • Certificates
  • Disposal Certificate for the funeral director
  • Social Security Certificate to be returned to the D.S.S Offices with any pension books
  • Copies of Entry of Death for bank, insurance, solicitors

  • Floral Tributes
    The gentle beauty of flowers express your personal remembrance and bring comfort to the bereaved. We have a range of florist contacts we would be happy to suggest and share with you or even call on your behalf.

    Donations to Charity
    If donations to charity are requested in lieu of flowers we will accept and list donations on your behalf and keep them until you are ready to forward them to the charity of your choice.

    Newspaper Notices

    It is common for loved ones to put a notice in the local paper giving details of the deceased and when and where the funeral will take place; some also put in a thank you notice afterwards. We can arrange this for you if you so wish.

    Cremated Remains
    At the time of making funeral arrangements, it is not always easy to realise the emotional benefit that is gained after the funeral by having somewhere to go, a place that you and your family can go back to knowing that a loved one is there. It has only recently been acknowledged that simply having a relative's cremated remains scattered or buried in a garden of remembrance does not assist the healing process after the funeral. Today most cemeteries and crematoria that are administered by local councils offer the facilities of small graves that can be purchased solely for cremated remains. These 'cremated remains' graves can be visited by your family allowing you to pay your respects and mark the grave with a headstone.


    A memorial is more than just a marker for a grave to remind us of the name of the deceased, it is a lasting symbol of remembrance, a tribute to a life now ended and perhaps a final gift to someone dearly loved. We can provide you with a brochure to select the gravestone of your choice in the privacy of your own home and once you let us know the inscription you require we can provide you with the costs, including inscription, cemetery fees and V.A.T.

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